Wide Ranging Article on Daily SCM Security

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Wide Ranging Article on Daily SCM Security

This is a quick look at a very wide ranging, extensive article in Security Magazine entitled “The Daily Challenges of Supply Chain Security”. This SCM security article was written by Bill Zalud, Editor Emeritus who has over 3 decades experience in industry and security.

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Is your SCM Security Robust?

Mr. Zalud covers many issues in his article. His basic message is that in today’s world the issues of SCM security change rapidly and vary even on a daily basis. Some days cybersecurity is the main issue; other days it’s more of a cargo theft problem. Let’s take a look and some of the details of the discussion and his recommendations:

SCM Security Key issues and Recommendations

  1. Insurance video has shown that thieves use bolt cutters to crack open locks and then go “trailer shopping”. Food and Beverages are the most popular items for thieves but electronics and pharmaceuticals are the most expensive goods that are stolen.
  2. Local police often don’t have investigators with supply chain theft training, so enterprises must rely on their own resources as well as dedicated supply chain security organizations to fight fraud and theft.
  3. FreightWatch International states that cargo theft is occuring almost 4 times more frequently than in 2012.
  4. Supply Chain security has become a “cat and mouse” game. For example, as pharmacies have increased security to prevent in-store theft, thieves are increasingly targeting pharmaceutical warehouses and delivery vans.
  5. SCM security has basic two goals: a) promote the efficient and secure movement of goods and b) foster supply chain system that can withstand evolving threats and hazards as well as rapidly recover from disruptions.
  6. Threats continue to evolve. Recommend a multi-layer security approach with information security becoming a critical new area.
  7. It’s important to use both traditional physical security technologies as well as new tech unique to the mission such as seals, global positioning and sophisticated locating & tracking applications.
  8. Security video and license plate recognition applications can verify trucks, open gates and also trigger email alerts.
  9. For fixed locations it’s important to extend the protection of the perimeter using wireless technologies.
  10. Real-time location systems also play an important SCM security role. Telematics systems capture truck and cargo location information in real-time.
  11. Fleet security consists of 5 key aspects: visibility, validation, performance, risk mitigation & efficiencies.
  12. Customs and Border Patrol has a huge task just in cargo containers moving across borders. More than 11 million maritime containers arrive at U.S. seaports each year. Another 11 million arrive by truck and 2.7 million by rail at land borders annually . CBP must know what is inside and whether there is a risk to the American people, as well as ensuring that all proper revenues are collected.
  13. The Internet-of-Things (IoT) will revolutionize SCM security due to the large amount of data that it is making available to industry professionals in real-time.

The entire article (warning–it is quite lengthy) on the many SCM security issues faced by industry professionals can be viewed at Daily Security Challenges in SCM.

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