OpticalLock® Management Software

OpticalLock Management Software is a robust, cloud-based application for complete management of your lock inventory. Our management and GPS tracking software is provided on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model and requires only a web browser for an authorized user to access the application from anywhere in the world.

Our management software stores all pertinent data generated by your OpticalLock hardware and is built on a powerful enterprise-grade SQL database hosted in the Azure cloud.

The application has a strong security focus including:

  • Multi-step authentication of authorized users
  • Encryption of all data communications
  • Encryption of all  data storage

The Home Screen provides a quick overview of your system and serves as an easy access point to drill down for detailed information on your users, lock inventory, tracking information and security settings.

The home screen of our management software provides a map of OpticalLock security devices locations as well as alarms of critical events

OpticalLock Management Software Home Screen

The Locks Settings Screen provides the ability to modify the operational state of any lock in your inventory

Locks Settings Screen




The all lock status report screen provides a rich array of real-time, historical and planning data critical to the efficient movement and security of your high value goods.

Detailed Lock Setting Screen reporting includes:

  • Latest reported location*
  • Date/time at last location*
  • Locked/Open/Verified/Tampered status
  • Status of battery (% remaining)
  • Arrival location of current trip*
  • Status of various on-board sensors

Additional features and benefits of the application:


  • Authorization of new users by invitation only, including time-limited, temporary users such as customs agents
  • Granular user access control which is configurable for all administrative and field users; permissions to access individual software features can be restricted or made available based upon specific “need to know” requirements
  • Individual lock settings configurable via management software
  • All lock notification/reporting data stored in management software for real-time viewing or historical reports
  • Lock reporting interval configurable to hourly, every 12 hours, daily, weekly, monthly or alarm-only
  • Reporting interval configurable by individual lock serial number or range
  • Lock reports available for individual locks or aggregate lock inventory
  • Configurable real-time alerts for anomalous events via text or email
  • Powerful real-time mapping*
    o Integration with Google Maps
    o Real-time GPS tracking software for all GPS-enabled locks anywhere in the world
    o Geo-fencing functionality to specify expected routes and/or arrival locations
    o Real-time alerts configurable to locations falling inside or outside of geo-fencing parameters

  • API’s available for application and data integration with complementary hardware and software products
  • Unlimited-use companion Field User smartphone app for locking, unlocking, “not tampered with” verification and alerts

  • “Inside-the-firewall” management software server available for highly sensitive applications


  • Centrally stores & manages all data generated by OpticalLock hardware
  • Peace of mind that your data is very secure with strong encryption technology and other security features

  • Instant availability to the current status of all of your lock inventory’s status and operating data via any web browser
  • Rich historical data availability to enable operational, security and business process improvements
  • Flexible reports for easy, in-depth analysis of historical lock data
  • No software to download or capital investment required; “pay-as-you-go” SaaS model
  • Management software APIs to enable integration with external applications such as supply chain, security and transportation planning software

  • Flexible design enables management of locks used in both transportation and stationary applications

* (some features available for GPS equipped locks only)

Management and GPS Tracking Software Specifications

Platform: Microsoft Azure
Operating System: Windows Server 2012
Security Standard: AES + Proprietary Algorithm
Server Database: MS SQL Server

OpticalLock System Benefits

The OpticalLock System

Our Management & GPS Tracking Software works seamlessly with OpticalLock Hardware creating a strong security layer for your high value goods

OpticalLock Hardware

OpticalLock Lock Image