OpticalShield™ is a unique fiber optic technology developed and patented by OpticalLock®. This technology increases security and reduces tampering in any situation where a traditional padlock can be used; particularly where high-value goods require additional security measures. For this purpose, OpticalLock has developed a full end-use product.

Additionally, OpticalShield technology is broadly applicable in a number of other markets where tamper-detection is critical. OpticalShield will be available to select partners for inclusion in non-competitive products. Some examples of uses for OpticalShield technology include:

  • Tape – add tamper-detection capability to the traditional “adhesive tape” market.
  • Packaging – add tamper-detection to traditional packaging materials, including paper box lining, shrink-wrapping, and product tags.
  • Entry Alarms – in addition to offering tampering detection for door locks, the OpticalShield™ has the ability to embed event-driven alarm where an unauthorized entry results in immediate notification of coordinates and time to a designated cell phone, email, and website.
  • Tracking – can also be embedded in the OpticalShield™ technology for high value secured containers.

These are a few examples of market segments available for exclusive or non-exclusive technology licensing and partnering; please contact us to discuss your potential application/product.

If your company would like to acquire rights to use our technology in an approved application, we have a number of resources available to assist our licensing partners:

Patent License – for issued and pending patents

Product Designs – including sample module designs, drawings, design notes and manufacturing notes

Customization Engineering Support – we can provide design & customization engineering services to assist you in implementing the OpticalShield™ technology in your products.

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