The OpticalLock® is as simple to use as it is effective in ensuring that your valuable cargo arrives at its destination without tampering by unauthorized parties.

The OpticalLock® can be used in a variety of applications, including shipping containers, local and cross-country trucking, storage rooms, remote facilities and ballot boxes. Below is an example of how quickly you can ensure that valuable cargo safely reaches it’s destination without tampering. Each step takes just seconds to execute, saving valuable man-hours.

Forklift loading a cargo container

Step 1

The container is filled with your high-value cargo.

The OpticalLock is attached to the container in lieu of a standard locking device, such as a padlock.

How OpticalLock Works - Lock and Verify

Step 2

The shipping agent uses the OpticalLock Field User app on the agent’s Smartphone to read the OpticalLock serial number on a secure wireless link.

The sequence takes only seconds to perform.

How OpticalLock Work - sends data to server

Step 3

The Field User app transmits the encrypted file over the Internet to a secure cloud-based server.

The OpticalLock serial number and signature is matched to the lock combination code stored in our encrypted, cloud-based database during the OpticalLock manufacturing process.

The container is now shipped and the OpticalLock can be tracked continuously via in-application maps and GPS location features. Any attempts at tampering in-transit automatically generates an alert to the management software which is then instantly distributed to designated personnel via email or texts.

Verify and Unlock OpticalLock

Step 4

When the shipment arrives at its final destination, the receiving agent uses the OpticalLock Field User Smartphone app to retrieve the serial number and unique signature. This data is compared to the data collected from the departure-point scan. If the data matches, the shipment is verified as having completed its journey without tampering.

This process takes just seconds to complete.

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