OpticalLock® System

The OpticalLock system is a breakthrough product designed to provide an exceptional level of assurance that enclosures containing high value goods have not been tampered with.

There are three components to the system (also see How it Works):

  • OpticalLock OPTi-100 – the lock itself, which physically secures the container or room like any common padlock and also contains the OpticalShield™ fiber optic tamper-detection technology and a number of tampering alarms with wireless alerting

  • Web-Accessible Management Software – Highly secure cloud-based application which is the hub for monitoring your high value goods in-transit or in remote storage. Our management software includes high resolution maps to enable continuous, real-time tracking of all lock inventory as well as planning of future lock usage, data reporting & analytics. The management software features a double-encrypted database which stores and verifies the unique OpticalLock signature and associated data. The management software is also notified in real-time by the multiple sensors & alarm functions of the OpticalLock of any tampering attempts with the lock, immediately setting off a console alert and forwarding the alert on to designated personnel via our smartphone software app.
  • Field User Smartphone App – serves as a local bridge between the OpticalLock OPTi-100 and the remote secure server in the tamper detection verification process. Designated personnel also receive alarm/alerts from the management console via the smartphone App.

The OpticalLock can be used to secure a wide variety of containers and rooms. The OpticalLock can be utilized as a higher-security replacement in any situation where a traditional padlock can be applied.

Download the OpticalLock Product Data Sheet or Tri-Fold Brochure

shipping container secured by OpticalLock tamper detection lock systemThe OpticalLock tamper-detection lock with GPS tracking and real-time alerts


  • Versatile, powerful & flexible; provides traditional padlock security along with tamper-detection
  • Secure high-value goods in any type in any room or container where a traditional padlock can be attached
  • Cannot be duplicated or counterfeited due to unique fiber-optic signature of each OpticalLock
  • Enables shipments to be verified as untampered with between origin and destination
  • Fast onsite verification of shipment integrity using our Field User Smartphone App

  • Encrypted communications and secure database server technology ensure that verification data remains private
  • The entire verification process and communications protocols requires only seconds to complete
  • Real-time alarms with wireless alerts which notify designated personnel of any attempted tampering or unauthorized unlocking of an unattended storage room, a remote facility or while a shipping container is in-transit.
  • Locks in use and associated high value goods being stored/transported can be tracked and located in real-time on maps via our powerful, web-acessible management console software


  • Traditional combination padlock look and operational flexibility & security
  • Tamper-detection feature based upon patented OpticalShield technology
  • OpticalShield™ technology prevents lock duplication/fake/counterfeit
  • Encrypted communications provides secure verification of non-tampering
  • Multiple on-board sensors which trigger real-time alarm features for protecting valuable goods from tampering 24/7
  • Built-in GPS locator for location tracking (not included on all models)
  • Flexible communications options (GSM/GPRS,BLUETOOTH®,WiFi) for alerting and data transfer

  • Management software APIs to enable integration with external applications such as supply chain, security and transportation planning software

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