Warehouse Security Measures

We recently ran across an e-book published by RSI Insurance Brokers that is very relevant to our audience. It’s entitled “Warehouse Security Tips” and is kind of lengthy at 20 pages, so I thought I would summarize the highlights here. This article details quite a long, broad list of warehouse security measures that can go a long way towards securing your high value goods while in storage, as well as during delivery and receipt. There are 5 chapters in the e-Book including Inventory Protection Measures, Warehouse Layout For Better Security, Security Tips for Docks, Responsibilities of Management & Drivers and Available Technology.

Image Showing Warehouse Security Areas of Concern

Here are some of the highlights of the e-Book:

Warehouse Security Issues & Checklist

  • Be careful in your hiring – utilize reference and background checks; be especially careful of felony records when granting access to areas storing high value goods
  • Use equipment that secures key areas of your warehouse – wire partitions, security cages and lockable cabinets can add both protection and deterrence of pilferage
  • Check and monitor your inventory frequently – if you know what inventory you have and are supposed to have, it’s much easier to identify the source of theft
  • Utilize both an internal focus as well as external – Surveillance cameras work well, but also utilize unscheduled walk-throughs
  • Separate loading docks from employee parking lots
  • Become and stay knowledgeable using the Customs department information listed on their website on warehouse security
  • Keep trash dumpsters away from accessible doors
  • Limit the total number of warehouse doors
  • Separate the shipping and receiving docks
  • Enable access to lounges, restrooms and break rooms without passing through areas where inventory is held
  • Limit bushes and other foliage which are good hiding places for thieves
  • Worldwide cargo theft exceeds $30 billion annually worldwide and $10 billion in the US alone – this is a major problem which demands serious attention
  • Cargo theft occurs not just while in-transit, but also in freight forwarding yards and warehouse loading/unloading areas – cargo is at greatest risk when being loaded and unloaded
  • Since the 2004 hours of service rule change, there is a premium on loading/unloading cargo quickly – which increases the chance of pilferage
  • Harden the pilferage target by restricting access to the shipping and receiving areas
  • Secure all of your individual storage areas with locks, and make sure all doors and windows are locked as well
  • Don’t leave merchandise unattended in the shipping and receiving areas
  • Utilize seals (OpticalLock includes the equivalent of a high tech seal!) as well as electronic surveillance systems
  • According to experts, the vast majority of cargo loss is attributable to employee theft
  • Implement a cargo and warehouse security program using written procedures for proper cargo handling
  • Equip all perimeter entrances with secure locking devices (OpticalLock can lock anywhere a traditional padlock can!)
  • Implement a badge ID system to regulate the movement of employees and visitors
  • Use locks to secure loaded trailers (an ideal OpticalLock application!)
  • Use a reputable company when storing cargo in-transit and ensure that there is adequate warehouse security measures in place
  • The truck driver should inspect all security and surveillance systems on the truck, refrain from discussing the cargo with anyone and adhere to a pre-planned route (the OpticalLock system includes real-time mapping with “GeoFencing” to ensure route integrity)
  • Drivers should park in a well-lit area and make every effort to secure the truck when leaving it unattended
  • Take full advantage of advanced security technology including GPS, RFID and GeoFencing to ensure the greatest security protection for your high value goods (OpticalLock utilizes ALL of these technologies!)

So that’s our summary of this information-rich e-Book. It’s important to note at this point the key role that the OpticalLock system can play in supporting these important cargo and warehouse security measures. OpticalLock adds several layers to your security  by serving as a combined GPS tracking device, security seal and high security lock all in a versatile padlock form factor.

Please Contact us to to explore how OpticalLock products can increase your warehouse security today!

The complete article we’ve reviewed can be viewed on the RSI Insurance website.

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