Theft During COVID-19

Theft is a troubling and costly thing to happen to consumers and businesses.  During the world’s current pandemic when safety and health products are literally in dire need, theft of the very products we require to stay alive is a tragedy. 

In this article, one man’s desire to make a quick dollar put those in need without the products they needed.  Ensuring the safe transport and storage of high-value goods is a sweeping challenge for shippers, freight forwarders, trucking, rail and businesses in general. 

Supply chain secure custody requires cutting edge technology to allow businesses to say a step ahead of thieves and counterfeiters.  This costly epidemic of theft severely impacts the manufacturer, the transportation companies, the insurance companies, the rates of those insured and, certainly, the consumer.  Theft of cargo poses a threat to businesses remaining viable and consumer remaining safe, especially when healthcare products like masks and gloves are a necessity.  Even if authentic face masks are counterfeited, that can be a difference between life and death to the person who is trusting the product is authentic. 

Cargo theft during COVID-19 has created increased demand for secure tracking and monitoring of high-value goods.

OpticalLock has industry leading technology to monitor and track stored assets with real-time alerts to prevent theft and recover assets whether it be medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, technology equipment, high-value inventory, equipment, or cargo.  By implementing this technology into your supply chain, you have dynamic, trackable security, and reassurance that your goods reach their destination safely, securely and with the integrity your brand deserves.

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