Shipment Security Technology to Reduce Cargo Theft

How do you ensure that your precious, high value cargo arrives intact and as scheduled? In world today everything and everyone has become more sophisticated. Unfortunately, criminals and cargo thieves have become more sophisticated as well. So how do you combat this increasing criminal sophistication? We suggest a number of methods to decrease the risk of shipment tampering and theft , not the least of which is shipment security technology. Let’s take a look at our list of recommendations:

Use Trusted – and Vetted – Partners

Whether discussing high value goods manufacturing, warehousing, fulfillment or delivery, it’s critically important to work with known, trustworthy and reliable partners. It’s important to know who you’re working with upfront if your goods are highly valued or it’s critically important that they arrive without delay. So vet them thoroughly upfront; check vendor insurance policies, speak with references, visit  facilities, and anything else you can think of to provide comfort and reassurance. This due diligence will provide peace of mind and confidence about the security of your goods.

Use Modern Shipment Security Technology

In 2017 there is no excuse for shipments of high value goods hitting the road secured with a simple security seal, cheap padlock – or worst of all, nothing at all. There are  cost-effective, advanced sensor-based technologies available which enable shippers to closely monitor the movement and condition of valuable shipments in real time, including route adherence/deviation, temperature and humidity, light exposure, extreme shaking/jostling, and other tampering events.

Using real-time and historical information of this nature, shippers, transportation vendors and shipment recipients gain confidence that their high value goods are being handled to to the shipper’s exact specifications. This knowledge that can mean the difference between a vital part being delivered on time for in-flight aircraft rather than grounded aircraft, or a viable drug and a failed clinical trial due to stolen, scarce samples. The OpticalLock System provides a number of critical shipment security technologies in a single package.

Require Assurance and Data Audit Trails

Not only is the real time information critical to assuring and critical individual shipment will arrive tamper-free and on-time, but the accumulated data over time can be extremely valuable. The historical data can provide an audit trail which can be very important in meeting regulatory and product custody requirements. The historical data can also be analyzed and used to improve both operational and security policy & procedures for the organization.

Use Specialized Shipment Services When It’s Appropriate

Even in the realm of high value goods, certain shipments dictate that nothing but exceptional service is called for; fine art, dangerous goods, temperature-sensitive goods and other “priceless” items are examples. In these cases, call on special shipment experts. Your shipment will travel on a specialized vehicle with a team focused exclusively on its secure delivery of your precious cargo. These concierge-style services comes at a cost, but can be the right solution when the goods demand only the highest level of service and security.

More information is available on the OpticalLock and associated management software using these links. Please Contact us using the form if you’d like to ask specific questions. We’d love to hear from you if you have questions about how OpticalLock can fulfill much of your shipment security technology needs.

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