Shared Truck Loads: Don’t forget security & monitoring

In a July Supply Chain 24/7 article, they do a very nice job of demonstrating the compelling use of Shared Truck Loads

“Shared truckload, a freight mode that enables several shippers to share trailer space in one multi-stop full truckload, takes a familiar concept (sharing) and applies it to the trucking industry to help shippers and carriers create optimal shipping outcomes.

By giving shippers the power to decide how their freight moves and incentivizing carriers to travel efficiently, the shared truckload approach flips the outdated freight system on its head and offers a revolutionary alternative.”

This optimal approach of sharing truck load space when the routes are efficiently compatible  reduces handling (good for freight and people), optimizes efficiencies, reduces cost of 20%+ for shippers.  Best of all, there are very positive environmental benefits to this shared load approach which include reducing greenhouse gas emissions up  to 40% which is very impressive as well as reducing fuel consumption – all helping lower the carbon footprint of the shipping process and, ultimately, of the products themselves.  Consumers are more mindful than ever about reducing carbon footprints, buying from companies who do the same and feeling good about brands who help them access goods that make them feel better.  Customer mindshare breeds loyalty and increases the value of the brand. 

None of this can assure the monitoring and security when sharing space, however.  It’s more important than ever to know that authentic, undisturbed goods arrive intact and that any desire for monitoring or auditing the journey’s activity along the way.  Shared space is efficient but only as efficnet as knowing the security and location of the goods in transit or in storage.  If knowing the status real-time of cargo’s motion, temperature or humidity is also useful, one can gain that power of actionable information from OpticalLock’s Monitoring System.  Cloud-based, cybersecure information puts the power in the hands of those who need to know. 

“In the End, Shared Truckload Comes Out On Top

The mode that a shipper selects becomes an extension of its supply chain. The mode that a carrier moves determines its revenue potential. A shared truckload is the best mode no matter which lens you’re looking through. It guarantees TL service at a better rate for shippers and helps carriers earn more per mile.

By maximizing deck space with freight from more than one shipper, shared truckload also eliminates the pitfalls of the un-green hub-and-spoke model, facilitates streamlined transportation, and minimizes the trucking industry’s environmental impact. These benefits are invaluable, especially at present.”

Couple the benefits of using shares truck load space with OpticalLock’s Monitoring, Security and Tracking system and you have the overall efficiencies of differentiating yourself in the market.

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