Retail Giant Amazon co-sues over Counterfeiting

According to Business Insider, “Amazon and YETI are accusing third-party sellers of hawking counterfeit goods on the platform as the retail giant attempts to crack down on dupes on the platform, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday. The two companies filed a case in US District Court in Seattle accusing Michael L. White and Karen White of San Diego, CA, who operated the third-party accounts “Gadsen Flags in USA” and “The Cyber Bargain Portal,” of importing fake YETI tumblers from China and attempting to sell them on Amazon, the suit alleged.

“YETI works aggressively to protect our consumers, our intellectual property rights, and our brand from the actions of counterfeiters and those who facilitate the importation and sale of counterfeit goods,” said Bryan Barksdale, Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary at YETI, in a statement. “We appreciate Amazon’s commitment to this shared objective.”

YETI is not alone in the IP protection game.  As Business Insider states, safety of consumers is a top priority especially when selling liquid consumption vessels where customers potentially ingest unregulated and untested materials from counterfeit products.  This goes far beyond brand protection for a company which exposes legal issues and puts at risk the viability of a company’s future.

Customs must have an instinctive reason to suspect a container or individual products are amiss.  We need to understand that the vast majority of counterfeits are not detected and require the use of layered technology to put actionable information in the hands of manufacturers, logistics, custom authorities and the ultimate recipients of goods.

OpticalLock Inc.’s Opti-100 series products provides a patented, cloud-based, Secure Monitoring System that leverages WIFI, Cellular, Bluetooth and Near Field Communication as well as fiber optics which ensures authentic goods arrive safely, are securely stored and not tampered with and only those granted access have interacted with the goods.

If tampering occurs, each product’s unique pedigree is breached and cannot be repaired to disguise it.  Trust in OpticalLock’s feature-rich technology to protect your IP, brand and customers.

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