Protection You Can Count On

There’s nothing more precious than protecting those you love.  Sometimes that means locking up the liquor cabinet or securing prescription medication to keep others safe from harm. 

Even if you have a gun cabinet locked, you should seriously consider adding additional layers of security because keys can be lost (and found by someone who shouldn’t have access), combinations can easily been found since we tend to write everything down, and safes accidentally be left open. 

The traditional methods to secure items are no longer effective because typical locks are not “smart” enough to monitor, report status, give early warning alerts, and have cloud-based access control from anywhere in the world. 

Imagine you’re out of town and get an alert that unusual motion activity is happening to your lock. Motion, temperature, humidity and tampering early warnings can mean the difference between safety and tragedy. With the pervasive presence of kids incessantly playing video games that romanticize the virtual use of firearms and desensitize them to the distinct line between games and reality, gun safety has never been more critical. 

Don’t rely on an old fashioned, analog method to secure your assets and protect those you love. Use layers of security and monitoring because life is too precious not to have a safety net. They say that information is power and that could never be truer than the power of peace of mind. 

During this world pandemic, we are all trying to be responsible and stay in quarantine until doctors and scientist better understand this virus. Being cooped up at home makes us stir crazy and with the lack of freedom also comes boredom and mischief. Don’t let proximity fool you. It only takes seconds to have accidents happen. That is why we created OpticalLock, a smart security device that blends WIFI, cellular, Bluetooth, Near Field Communication (NFC) and Geofencing to secure your precious valuables in transit or in storage. Geofencing is the practice of establishing a GPS-based, virtual fence around a location that enables alerts if your goods leave a designated area. 

Stay home. Be safe. Rest assured. Knowledge is powerful.  It could save a life.

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