Planning, Innovation & Creativity For Shipping Success

According to Neal Samson of Global Trade Daily, shipping high-value assets takes planning and innovation sprinkled with a little bit of creativity. 

“Shipping cargo of any kind requires taking certain precautions to ensure the shipment arrives at its destination safely. Things get more complicated when high-value cargo is involved. Shipping cargo that includes unique pieces of art, fine jewelry, electronics, luxury apparel, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, and high-end food is riddled with even more risk. Any company can use a variety of shipping strategies for high-value cargo. The main aim, however, is always to completely eliminate the risk of damaging, losing, or anyone stealing the items. The strategies have to account for an optimal delivery route and provide security at each stage of shipping – transshipment, transport, and storage.”

He goes on to say, “One of the simplest ways of eliminating the risk of theft when it comes to high-value cargo is to expedite the entire shipping process. The more quickly it happens, the fewer opportunities there are for something to go wrong. Picking the right timing can both help with the speediness of the delivery as well as further lowering the risks. For example, it is advisable to avoid the shipping of luxury items during weekends and holidays. The company should also plan the route meticulously. In turn, it should require the drivers to check in with the dispatcher at regular intervals as well as report any detours.”

These creative and intuitive steps are great processes to keep in mind when securing your supply chain or managing your personal assets.  OpticalLock can complement the ideas of downplaying the assets being distributed and considering timing by offering a secure monitoring system that can wirelessly and securely communicate the location, security status, temperature, humidity and access log of where your assets have been and who has opened your container.  In addition to Cell, GPS, WIFI, Near Field Communication (NFC or RFID) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), OpticalLocks also have Geofencing capabilities as an additional layer of control and reporting.  The uses for consumer to small, medium and large, enterprise business are pervasive.

According to Neal Samson, “Properly preparing the shipments for transit, monitoring the security measures, and ensuring visibility of the shipment throughout the process are all important strategies to ensure the safety of high-value cargo.”

We couldn’t agree more and invite you to learn more about our Internet of Things (IoT) devices that can provide you peace of mind.  Check out our video today at and schedule a demo with us!

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