According to Eric Sagonowsky at Fierce Pharma, Pfizer “is scaling up an ambitious supply chain and distribution system aimed at delivering hundreds of millions of doses around the world as quickly as possible.”  Secure distribution with a guarantee of authenticity will be a huge task for the drug maker and their trusted distribution partners in FedEx, UPS and DHL in tailor made shipping “suitcase” containers that must keep the vaccines ultra-cold at chilling -94˚F!  Leave it to the container manufacturer to keep that guarantee but the shipping giants and their counterparts such as Novavax, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca will have to follow suit but how can they ensure that tampering did not occur and that counterfeit vaccines find their way into the hands and bodies of those seeking respite from the COVID-19 virus while in transit?

OpticalLock has the perfect solution to ensure authenticity with the OpticalLock Monitoring and Tracking system that provides peace of mind to the drug maker, container providers, transportation companies, the healthcare providers and, ultimately, the consumer who’s life very well depends on it.  OpticalLock is a blend of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, ruggedized hardware and patented, multi-layer security and communication protocols.  FedEx, DHL and UPS can protect their brand while protecting Pfizer’s and others’ brands by ensuring that OpticalLock devices are securing the customized containers reporting on location, external container temperature, motion and humidity.  The unique pedigree of each OpticalLock device disables anyone from unauthorized opening the device and then replacing it without alert.  The WIFI, Cellular and GPS functionalities allow the lock to communicate status and send status reports based on many parameters including Geofencing as an extra assurance that the vaccine containers do no go off-track or out of bounds. 

Technology is the only way to accomplish these feats and with our IoT, patented products, OpticalLock devices are exactly what Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and Novavax need to insist that the suitcase-sized containers must be compatible with and the logistics and transportation giants implement immediately to close the loop on secure distribution, monitoring and tracking of the millions of doses needing to be shipped safely, each day.

OpticalLock is here to be part of the solution on a global scale.  We can do this together!

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