According to Modern Materials Handling (MMH), Panasonic is betting $5.6B on the power of supply chain technology of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Internet of Things. 

“The need for more intelligent, autonomous and edge-aware supply chains has been dramatically heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic, the rise of e-commerce and the proliferation of data, the companies observed. The acquisition is positioned as strengthening Panasonic’s portfolio and accelerating the companies’ shared “Autonomous Supply Chain” mission, empowering customers to optimize their supply chains using the combined power of AI/ML and Internet of Things (IoT) and edge devices. By unifying supply, demand and commerce solutions with IoT and edge technologies, companies can better utilize predictive business insights to pivot their operations in real-time, the companies added.”

Panasonic is rounding their portfolio of Blue Yonder shares to meet their goals of a changing supply chain demand as part of their digital transformation. 

Panasonic and Blue Yonder would greatly benefit from adding OpticalLock Secure Monitoring IoT devices to this transformation which supplies security, monitoring, access control and early warning alerts for high-value goods being transported and in the warehouse.  OpticalLocks are dynamic and can follow the shipment or simply be repurposed leveraging WIFI, Cellular, Bluetooth and NFC tailored dynamically for the use case required.  OpticalLocks unique fingerprint cannot be spoofed and the fiberoptic, patented technology helps businesses grow, optimize and digitize at the same time.

As a supply chain industry leader reporting $1B in revenue, Blue Yonder’s Luminate software leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the warehouse management space.  They have over 60% in SaaS topping out at over $300M with an astonishing retention revenue of 120%.

Panasonic has a vision as did the founders of OpticalLock Inc. over six years ago:  leveraging technology where only analog solutions existed before.  Contact us at for more insights.

Reference:  By MMH Staff · April 23, 2021

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