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Gasoline Tanker Truck Physical Security

An area of physical security that often doesn’t get much attention is the transportation of liquid fuels in vehicles  such as a gasoline tanker truck. This is a HUGE problem in emerging markets; but in fact theft of gasoline and other high value liquid fuels happens even in developed markets such as the US and […]

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Visit us at INTERMODAL EXPO on September 18-19 in Long Beach, CA. We’re in Booth #826. Use our Contact Us form to arrange a meeting or just stop by to say hi!

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Remote Security Management for Unmanned Facilities

One of the most challenging scenarios for physical security professionals is unmanned facilities which require completely remote facilities management – and therefore remote security management. There are myriad facilities of this nature throughout the utility and industrial world including by not limited to: Remote Security Management Typical Applications Power Substations (Electricity, Oil, Gas and Nuclear) Public […]

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Shipment Security Technology to Reduce Cargo Theft

How do you ensure that your precious, high value cargo arrives intact and as scheduled? In world today everything and everyone has become more sophisticated. Unfortunately, criminals and cargo thieves have become more sophisticated as well. So how do you combat this increasing criminal sophistication? We suggest a number of methods to decrease the risk […]

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The High Tech Padlock in Industrial and Commercial Applications

The versatile (and for many decades – if not centuries – boring) padlock has been a mainstay of industrial and residential physical security for many years.  According to WikiPedia, padlocks date to the Roman Era, 500 BC – 300 AD.  During the period between 850 AD and the early 1000 AD was when the name ‘padlock’ […]

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Beverage and Food Cargo Theft on the Rise

Off the top of your head, what would you guess is the largest category of cargo theft in the United States since 2008? It was almost shocking to me to learn this, but it’s food & drink! So why would food cargo be the most stolen category, you might ask? These are always complex issues, […]

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