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Telit and OpticalLock Help Businesses Use Cellular IoT to Prevent Cargo Theft, Counterfeiting and Enable Rapid Asset Recovery

Press Release London, September 23, 2020  This week Telit published this Press Release highlighting the very high value proposition of OpticalLock’s Secure Monitoring System.  OpticalLock’s OPTi-100 monitoring system has patented sensors that detect motion, security status, humidity, location and other conditions for high-value fixed and mobile assets Telit’s xE910 modules ensure that OPTi-100 devices can […]

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Planning, Innovation & Creativity For Shipping Success

According to Neal Samson of Global Trade Daily, shipping high-value assets takes planning and innovation sprinkled with a little bit of creativity.  “Shipping cargo of any kind requires taking certain precautions to ensure the shipment arrives at its destination safely. Things get more complicated when high-value cargo is involved. Shipping cargo that includes unique pieces […]

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Abate Counterfeiting & Loss of High-Value Goods

The Internet of Things (aka IoT) is defined by Wikipedia as, “…the network of physical objects—“things”—that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the internet.” OpticalLock is an innovation company who set out to solve the global issue of counterfeiting […]

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Adopting IoT for loss prevention from modern criminals

As the world begins to understand the world of IoT or the Internet of Things, much comes to light in terms of loss prevention and what IoT can do for companies globally – big and small. “…thanks to the rise in awareness of sensors in Internet of Things (IoT) technology, companies now have many different […]

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Counterfeiting remains a pervasive enemy

Counterfeiting is a pervasive, global pandemic costing the global economy and, according the International Chamber of Commerce,  “The negative impacts of counterfeiting and piracy are projected to drain US$4.2 trillion from the global economy and put 5.4 million legitimate jobs at risk by 2022.”  Therefore, it’s no surprise that even small discoveries of counterfeit goods […]

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Shared Truck Loads: Don’t forget security & monitoring

In a July Supply Chain 24/7 article, they do a very nice job of demonstrating the compelling use of Shared Truck Loads “Shared truckload, a freight mode that enables several shippers to share trailer space in one multi-stop full truckload, takes a familiar concept (sharing) and applies it to the trucking industry to help shippers […]

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