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Vaccine Logistics Security Plan Lacks Essential Technology

As FedEx and DHL ramp up for the ever-important distribution of COVID-19 vaccine distribution there are many groups involved in the planned process.  According to NBC News, the US was split in half and each territory was granted to each carrier based on population of Americans over 18  years old.  FedEx is reportedly taking the […]

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Retail Giant Amazon co-sues over Counterfeiting

According to Business Insider, “Amazon and YETI are accusing third-party sellers of hawking counterfeit goods on the platform as the retail giant attempts to crack down on dupes on the platform, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday. The two companies filed a case in US District Court in Seattle accusing Michael L. White and Karen […]

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FDA Grants Access to At Home COVID-19 Self-Testing: Ensure it arrives safely with OpticalLock Inc.’s New Product, OPTICALSHIELD

“…the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency use authorization (EUA) for the first COVID-19 diagnostic test for self-testing at home and that provides rapid results. The Lucira COVID-19 All-In-One Test Kit is a molecular (real-time loop mediated amplification reaction) single use test that is intended to detect the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19.” “The […]

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@ HOME CARE: Secure, anti-counterfeiting logistics via OpticalLock Inc

At home testing and care have exploded given the accelerator of the pandemic.  As demand increases at mach speed, the design for self-care at home must be coupled with the secure storage, transport, and delivery of medical products. An expert look at issues driving up the demand for self-administration drug-delivery devices that combine pre-filled safety-engineered […]

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According to Denise Grady in the New York Times, “The pandemic has infected more than 53 million people around the world so far. U.S. cases are soaring, setting records every day. There have been more than 11 million cases and 246,000 deaths. Covid-19 is killing more than 1,100 Americans a day, and the last million […]

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According to Eric Sagonowsky at Fierce Pharma, Pfizer “is scaling up an ambitious supply chain and distribution system aimed at delivering hundreds of millions of doses around the world as quickly as possible.”  Secure distribution with a guarantee of authenticity will be a huge task for the drug maker and their trusted distribution partners in FedEx, UPS and DHL […]

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