OpticalShield Secure Shipping Envelope: Round out Innovative SMB Shipping Services

OpticalShield is the newest innovative IOT (Internet of Things) product from OpticalLock Inc.  It is a secure shipping bag for Business to Consumer (B2C) or Consumer to Consumer (C2C).  OpticalShield Security Envelope allows businesses to securely ship highly valuable and highly important products with assurance of uncompromised contents at the final destination:  in the hands of the receiving customer.  Location tracking is valuable.  Awareness of the status of the valuables (often pharmaceuticals, home medical tests and high values goods) is precious and, often, a matter of life and death.

According to C.H. Robinson’s North American Surface Transportation President, Mac Pinkerton, they are upping the ante with their digital transformation for small businesses.  C.H. Robinson is instilling confidence in their clients by offering best option recommendations.  Shouldn’t their portfolio of offerings include OpticalLock Inc.’s OpticalShield Security Envelopes when simple tracking isn’t enough to assure safe receipt of the products small businesses produce and rely on to build, protect and grow their brands upon.  This is perfect timing when small and medium businesses are struggling to reinvent themselves and adopt new technology.  Creating a great product isn’t enough.  That product needs to find its way to the consumer safely.  That’s where OpticalShield comes in to build the confidence in authentic, safe goods. 

Freightquote, C.H. Robinson and TaskRabbit are creating a trustworthy service that will be significantly more successful by adopting OpticalShield Secure Shipping Envelopes that take tracking to the next level of security reliance upon receipt.  No matter where the shipment originates from, no matter who the carrier is, OpticalShield is the content confidant.  Contact us today to learn more:  info@opticallock.com

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