Cameras are old school as security solutions as they clearly don’t work as singular solutions.  Crooks are outsmarting the typical camera systems and the companies who solely rely on them for security.  Cameras alone are like babysitters who stay in one room while the children run amuck.  What’s needed is a much smarter monitoring system where various security feeds are layered to optimize real-time intelligence with actionable adjustments.  You need security that is smarter than thieves.  Thieves have evolved but companies have not.  Increase the IQ of your security system and outsmart thieves putting them out of business by enlisting OpticalLock Inc. to integrate your existing investment in cameras with the OpticalLock Secure Monitoring System that attaches to physical containers and asset cages.  OpticalLocks can be the sentry in every location that assets are being secured and alert the security guard, Admin or cameras themselves where to look for irregular behavior.  Cameras cannot be everywhere but, together with OpticalLock they make a powerful, anti-theft machine that outsmarts the thieves.

Security cameras are costing you money and putting your brand at stake.  Don’t be complacent.  Stop being outsmarted by thieves.  Stand-alone security cameras are costing you millions of dollars when you could have half as many if you couple them with the smart sensing technology of OpticalLock’s Security Monitoring system.  Cybersecure communication over layered, patented technology allows OpticalLock to make you a hero.

Why are companies still using only security guards checking the old-fashioned padlocks or seals and communicating with walkie-talkies?  It is killing business and hijacking brands.

According to Logistic Tech Outlook, there’s a new integrated supply chain standard to improve visibility via scalable solutions via APIs (Application Program Interfaces) which we assert as the APIs offered by OpticalLock Inc.    Technology integration creates optimization of investments by making existing products work smarter.  Partnering for an integrated supply chain while protecting previous investments is the clear path toward optimization, efficiency and competing in the logistics and security markets where budget constraints dictate innovative ideas.  Select the best vendor for your company’s bottom line. wisely advises that, “Video surveillance systems can add next-level security to your company’s efforts to deter crime. Strategically placed cameras could mean would-be burglars bypass your business for an easier target. And if a crime does occur, the video footage can provide important evidence for both your insurance company and the police.”  Yet, misses the integration points of leveraging more technology for that one-two punch of optimization to thwart the theft instead of relying on video of questionable quality for police and insurance to recover goods.  There is no recovering brand and reputation if one relies solely on reconnaissance.  They continue to convey in their article that, “After the fact video recordings so little to nothing to prevent loss and recover goods.” And go on to say, “…cameras are just one part of security, they do not stop unauthorized entry and, in most cases, don’t trigger an alert to authorities to check your business. To fully secure your business and the safety of your employees, you may want to also look at access control, monitored alarm systems and fire alarms,” which we wholeheartedly agree with passionately on behalf of enterprise clients globally.  Visit or email us at for more information on brand, asset and reputation protection for you and your clients.

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