Counterfeiting remains a pervasive enemy

Counterfeiting is a pervasive, global pandemic costing the global economy and, according the International Chamber of Commerce,  “The negative impacts of counterfeiting and piracy are projected to drain US$4.2 trillion from the global economy and put 5.4 million legitimate jobs at risk by 2022.”  Therefore, it’s no surprise that even small discoveries of counterfeit goods are both high in value and so detrimental. 

Recently, North Carolina police seized counterfeit goods estimated worth at $360,400 in one car after a traffic stop.  One car.  Nearly half of a million dollars.  The article said that “The knock-offs had well-known brand names affixed to them, including Gucci, Patek Philippe, Hublot, Audemars, Cartier, Dior, Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana, Nike, Fendi, Amiri and Louis Vuitton…”  Counterfeiting costs more than the obvious loss of sales.  It harms the valuable brand that companies work diligently to build and maintain.  That damage runs much deeper and last much longer than the immediate sting to manufacturers and retailers.

Buying bogus goods hurts local communities that rely on sales tax to pay for libraries, roads, police and fire services according to North Carolina Secretary of State Elaine Marshall.  She also stated in her press release that, “…when you buy counterfeits, you are not only getting poor quality products, you may be funding other things like organized crime.”

OpticalLock was created first and foremost to address counterfeiting by applying the best technology combinations, the most secure cybersecure encryption and the most flexible monitoring system to protect high-value goods throughout their lifecycle.  Whether protecting the manufacturing process by securing the components, the safe transport on trucks, ships, airplanes and rail, storage or retail inventory security, OpticalLock can assure authentic goods by providing integrated, real-time data, event logs, alerts and overall history.  This anti-counterfeiting validation ensures goods are authentic, consumers are happy, jobs are secured, and brands are protected.

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