CNN Reports that over 34 million face masks have been counterfeited since the onset of the pandemic.  A crisis for those who thought they were protecting themselves and others by responsibly adhering to the CDC’s guidance.  News reports are splattered with counterfeiting news but tend to be about Nike shoes or Apple products.  All counterfeiting is tragic and creates huge financial loss as well as brand damage.  Just ask 3M when over 100 thousand masks were ceased in Cincinnati with their brand on them.  It gets much more personal, however, when it’s your health at risk.  N95/KN95 have been said to the most effective mask types especially when layered with another mask.  The best option just got quite frightening when you learn that it could be a knock-off.

CNN quotes US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Office of Trade as thieves taking advantage of “the most visible symbol” of the COVID19 pandemic.  20 million fake N95 masks were seized in 2021 alone which is a sign of increased counterfeiting efforts putting lives at risk.

The article goes on to provide helpful guidelines to discern authenticity.  Instead of having to learn to be a product inspector or anti-counterfeit expert, OpticalLock Inc. has OpticalLock Secure Monitoring Systems for cargo containers for shipping, transporting, and storing precious cargo including medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and other high value goods.  Having solid evidence that cargo was not tampered with takes out the guesswork of authenticating.  Security, motion, temperature, humidity and location reports allows manufacturers and shippers alike to rest assured knowing their products will deliver on their promise.  Contact OpticalLock today for more information on the Secure Monitoring System and our newest product line of secure packaging — think “Security Envelopes” for business to consumer in that last mile of delivering high quality, authentic goods. and –

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OpticalShield Secure Shipping Envelope: Round out Innovative SMB Shipping Services

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