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CNN Reports that over 34 million face masks have been counterfeited since the onset of the pandemic.  A crisis for those who thought they were protecting themselves and others by responsibly adhering to the CDC’s guidance.  News reports are splattered with counterfeiting news but tend to be about Nike shoes or Apple products.  All counterfeiting […]

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OpticalShield Secure Shipping Envelope: Round out Innovative SMB Shipping Services

OpticalShield is the newest innovative IOT (Internet of Things) product from OpticalLock Inc.  It is a secure shipping bag for Business to Consumer (B2C) or Consumer to Consumer (C2C).  OpticalShield Security Envelope allows businesses to securely ship highly valuable and highly important products with assurance of uncompromised contents at the final destination:  in the hands […]

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@ HOME CARE: Secure, anti-counterfeiting logistics via OpticalLock Inc

At home testing and care have exploded given the accelerator of the pandemic.  As demand increases at mach speed, the design for self-care at home must be coupled with the secure storage, transport, and delivery of medical products. An expert look at issues driving up the demand for self-administration drug-delivery devices that combine pre-filled safety-engineered […]

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