Cargo Theft Prevention Article Review

This post will discuss the topic of cargo theft prevention, including a review of a very well written article in Pacific Standard Magazine. The article is entitled “Long-Haul Trucking’s Billion-Dollar Cargo Theft Problem” and was written by Robin Washington.

Image Depicting Cargo Theft Prevention

The article’s title is pretty explanatory with respect to its content. Below are some of the highlights:

  1. Overall cargo theft incidence is decreasing, but the value of cargo load losses have gone up.
  2. Theft is becoming more specialized and targeted at high value goods shipments
  3. FreightWatch reports 899 theft incidents nationwide in 2010 valued at $423.6 million
  4. There is a lack of consistency in reporting between agencies so reported numbers can’t really be trusted
  5. Food, electronics, and building materials are are the categories of goods stolen at the highest rates
  6. The FBI estimates that cargo thefts nationwide in the US alone is between $15 billion and $30 billion annually
  7. Stealing of whole trailers is not uncommon
  8. Goods secured with seals are increasingly breached, using seals replicated with 3D printers to replace the original seal
  9. To be serious about stopping cargo theft it would be great to take a page out of the department of defense playbook of pinging a shipment every 10-15 minutes and sending law enforcement if the proper response isn’t received (although it was stated that this is an “expensive solution”). OpticalLock can provide this level of security at a very affordable price!

This article and the topic of cargo theft prevention is central to OpticalLock’s business and value proposition. Let’s review the key ways that are recommended to limit loss via cargo prevention:

Important Cargo Theft Prevention Tools

  • Use a Lock on your high value goods container, storage room or vehicle trailer
  • Utilize a security seal to verify the cargo hasn’t been opened or tampered with in an non-authorized fashion
  • Have alarms installed to notify authorized security personnel  quickly of any unauthorized container entering or tampering
  • Take advantage of GPS technology to track the location of your cargo in real-time

This list above overlays PERFECTLY with the value proposition of the OpticalLock iLock. The iLock is packaged in a versatile, traditional padlock form factor but includes 21st century security features on-board such as a unique, counterfeit-proof signature for verification (far superior to a security seal)of no tampering with cargo, GPS for location tracking and wireless alarms for real-time alerting of supply chain and security personnel. OpticalLock essentially provides all of the security features listed in the bulleted list above, all in one convenient, integrated package!

In summary, this is a very good article that reinforces how important it is to use ALL of the key security and theft prevention tools available to protect your high value goods cargo. OpticalLock is PERFECTLY positioned to play a critical role in improving security for moving cargo as well as high value goods storage. To read the original full text visit

Please contact us to join the OpticalLock beta program, or to explore on how our product can help enhance your cargo theft prevention program or storage facility security!

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