Stay Ahead of Boat Break-Ins and Theft

The boating industry provides a plethora of activities from relaxation to sporting, fishing, sailing and live-a-boards. Whether you live on your boat or have it docked in a marina, it is a valuable and precious possession which houses expensive equipment, marine accessories, scuba gear, sport fishing equipment or other collectibles. 

When you hear about theft in the marine industry, it is often less about the vessel itself rather the goods inside or onboard that are taken. 

Here’s an example of recent equipment theft on boats:

This type of theft is nothing new. Rashes of boat break-ins have been common for years.

Boating is a rewarding, relaxing, and expensive endeavor and we all want to rest assured our investments are protected and safe. If you cannot be there to watch over your boat and accessories, we suggest that you invest in a wireless security and monitoring system that alerts you if someone is tampering with your assets. 

Boats are meant to be the essence of freedom and beauty, but they are also vulnerable given their design to be ever so approachable. Our monitoring system alerts based on security, motion, temperature, and humidity. You can control access by setting up users to have unique codes to ensure would-be thieves do not have access. 

Smart locks and monitoring systems most commonly have one function based on one technology. The OpticalLock products range from a smart lock that uses secure WIFI up to our flagship product which has redundant and adaptable technology using WIFI, Cellular, GPS, Near Field Communication and Bluetooth. 

Put the power of information and early warning in your hands with our OpticalLock patented security system. Each device has a unique DNA and cannot be reproduced. 

No loss is ideal. Early warning is invaluable. Recovery is essential. Have the same peace of mind at home as you do when you’re boating. Know that your investments are protected.  Here are two examples of theft without any early warning.

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