Theft is on the rise once again and small business owners are suffering significant financial loss that could have been avoided if they invested in the OpticalLock Secure Monitoring System.  According to Supply Chain Digest, warehouses continue to be the target of significant theft. 

In Texas, one distributor, GoTrax, experienced a $600,000 loss in one single, unfortunate event.  What do you imagine their response would be if they knew that by simply having an OpticalLock Monitoring System on each of the four trailers they could have recovered their goods for 0.4% of the value of the goods lost?  Missed opportunity.  It’s not too late to apply OpticalLock’s technology for Securing, Tracking, Monitoring and Alerting you before it’s too late.

Whether a security guard is present and just can’t be everywhere at once or if the security is limited to cameras or basic door locks, leveraging technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) concepts is crucial to digitize, bolster security and early warning systems in order to act in a timely manner.  Actionable data is most effective way to manage risk.  Many systems provide either minimal data like a video or such an overwhelming set of data that it’s impossible to take meaningful action. 

Supply Chain Digest quoted Danbee Investigations’ US Logistics Security Expert, Barry Brandman, by saying, “…video may in the end be the most overrated tool, Brandman said, because such systems generate hundreds of hours of video every week – and who had the time or resources to view all that? No one, Brandman says, and employees know that.”

OpticalLock’s patented technology allows you to create settings and receive alerts on the most important events to you.  Whether it’s tampering detected by excessive motion, unauthorized access, a security breach or assets leaving your Geofence, a predetermined, virtual security fence based on a perimeter you establish, you’ll know via text and email if something isn’t right.  Be smarter than the thieves.  We can help.  Contact us today at info@OpticalLock.com.

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