Article on Supply Chain Security Critical Components

I ran across an excellent article yesterday on retail supply chain security in LPMInsider, whose tagline is “The Authority on All Things Loss Prevention and Asset Protection”.

This Image portrays an Article on Critical Components of Retail Supply Chain Security and In-Transit Cargo Crime

The article is quite extensive and comprehensive on the topic of retail supply chain security and specifically loss prevention. It was written by JOHN TABOR, who is the director of corporate security for National Retail Systems, Inc. John starts the article stating that as a former loss prevention executive for a major retailer, he spent great time, effort and money trying to prevent thieves who entered a stores as a legitimate shoppers. Maybe TOO MUCH. He believes that well-staffed retail stores today have that issue largely under control, at least on a relative basis. He goes on to say that he wishes he had expended more effort on Retail Supply Chain Security instead.

Retail Supply Chain Security for Loss Prevention

Some of the important points covered include theft prevention tactics such as background checks, partnering with law enforcement, dealing with theft from organized crime rings as well as the importance of locks and the use of GPS tracking. Did you know that 70% of all loaded trailers have a seal but no lock? I found this shocking. Mr. Tabor also mentions the importance of having GPS tracking on both the tractor AND the trailer.

GPS Tracking Lock: OpticalLock SmartLock

These last two points about locks and GPS tracking are very important to us at OpticalLock, because these are two key issues that we can cover for retail supply chain security managers in a single device. The OpticalLock SmartLock is a security device in a traditional padlock form factor which contains anti-tampering technology, on-board GPS tracking as well as real-time alerting of tampering attempts and other anomalies.

Finally, Mr. Tabor lists his 10 Most Critical Elements of Every Logistics Security Program, as illustrated in the graphic below. You can click on the graphic to expand it if you can’t read it–note points 2 and 10 and contact us at OpticalLock to discuss how we can help!

Image showing the 10 Critical Elements of Every Logistics Security Program

Again, this is a really informative, well-written article that I would encourage anyone interested in retail or supply chain security to take a look at the entire text. Here is the link to the original article:

Please let us know if you have any questions about the article, especially the segments that relate to OpticalLock product offerings.

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