Article on Importance of a Supply Chain Security Program

I recently read another very relevant article on the importance of a supply chain security program that appeared in Supply Chain Digest. The author was Cliff Holste, the publication’s material handling editor. The article is titled “The New Age of Supply Chain Awareness”.

Awareness as well as GPS and Lock Security Technologies are keys to Supply Chain protection

Awareness Training is Important to a Complete Supply Chain Security ProgramIt’s a very short and concise article, but it’s very to the point on the need for a comprehensive approach against what it describes as “Four Common Threats”: theft, terrorism, piracy and physical disaster.

Let’s take a look at the article’s theme of “four common threats” which need to be addressed by any effective supply chain security program. While OpticalLock can’t protect against physical disasters and little against terrorism, our products can serve as the front line in providing several protective security layers against theft and piracy. OpticalLock provides one layer as a traditional padlock that can be utilized in any situation where that time-tested form factor is applicable. But the OpticalLock iLock doesn’t stop there; it’s a 21st century security device which also contains unique, patented anti-tampering technology in combination with on-board GPS tracking and real-time wireless alerting, via a variety of standard communications standards. Below are some of the important points put forth in the article with respect to developing a comprehensive security plan:

Keys to an effective supply chain security program

  • Credentialing, awareness and training for employees on supply chain security considerations
  • Securing all inventory in-transit by using tamper-proof containers, seals and locks
  • Cargo content screening
  • Inventory tracking in-transit using technologies including global positioning system (GPS) & RFID
  • Securing of inventory while stored in a facility
  • Strict adherence to national & international security standards
  • Information security (in addition to physical security), disaster planning and emergency response planning
  • Ensure that the security plan does not adversely affect the movement of materials through the supply chain
  • All links in the supply chain must be part of the security plan

The italicized items in the list above represent areas which OpticalLock’s technology can have a positive impact on a successful security plan implementation.

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Please contact us to join the OpticalLock beta program, or to explore on how our product can help enhance your supply chain transportation or storage facility security!

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