Adopting IoT for loss prevention from modern criminals

As the world begins to understand the world of IoT or the Internet of Things, much comes to light in terms of loss prevention and what IoT can do for companies globally – big and small.

“…thanks to the rise in awareness of sensors in Internet of Things (IoT) technology, companies now have many different ways to Auto-ID and locate assets without having to step out into the yard.”

Loss prevention is an enormous task but one that is absolutely critical to business success as competition and demand simultaneously increase year over year, month over month and day over day. 

Current news stories are evidence of how times are changing—they’re littered with headlines of increased potential threats ranging from cyber attacks and ransomware to organized crime syndicates.

Security is a much over-used, misunderstood and under-valued word that encompasses many facets of what it actually means.

Reacting after the fact to an unforeseen security event used to be the only option. But now, as organizations are facing a new risk paradigm that encompasses both cyber and physical threats, the level of intelligence needed to be fully prepared has increased tremendously.”

The nature of threats have also exploded and have become infinity more complex in their nature.  Physical and digital in the form of cyber-threats have historically been two separate problems that companies approach very differently.  However, the two worlds are colliding and one cannot only address one or the other.  Addressing threats separately often creates a black hole of information therefore awareness to the bigger, complex picture of security and asset monitoring. 

One small breach can rapidly lead to a larger disruption, ultimately affecting the institution’s brand and operations.”

Cloud technology, cybersecurity and physical asset monitoring and security are the winning combination to reduce loss, prevent counterfeiting and protect brands.  IoT devices, especially those that have an all-in-one capability as OpticalLock devices deliver, provide real-time intelligence, actionable data and asset protection as well as recovery capabilities.

When it comes to addressing and identifying security threats, the cloud enables institutions to share real-time intelligence, mitigate risk, and ensure efficient response. By combining the cloud with other trends such as Big Data analysis, deep learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT), organizations can greatly elevate their ability to look at security in a proactive manner.”

Opticallock’s creators have taken IoT into the logistics platform and created an onramp to the digital age for high-value asset monitoring, security, alerts and status:  security condition, motion detection, temperature reporting and relative humidity monitoring.  This new era of reimaging business, skillfully utilizing human talent and relying on the new, digital age, demands the use of IoT and OpticalLock is at the forefront.

“With the risk landscape constantly evolving, a company’s security system needs to be prepared for modern criminals.”

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