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Counterfeiting remains a pervasive enemy

Counterfeiting is a pervasive, global pandemic costing the global economy and, according the International Chamber of Commerce,  “The negative impacts of counterfeiting and piracy are projected to drain US$4.2 trillion from the global economy and put 5.4 million legitimate jobs at risk by 2022.”  Therefore, it’s no surprise that even small discoveries of counterfeit goods […]

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Shared Truck Loads: Don’t forget security & monitoring

In a July Supply Chain 24/7 article, they do a very nice job of demonstrating the compelling use of Shared Truck Loads “Shared truckload, a freight mode that enables several shippers to share trailer space in one multi-stop full truckload, takes a familiar concept (sharing) and applies it to the trucking industry to help shippers […]

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Counterfeiting and Supply Chain Security

Counterfeiting is an enormous problem all around the globe.  Supply chain security from a manufacturer’s factory to a freight forwarder like the trucking or air cargo company to a staging area for a shipyard and back staging then, again, through freight forwarders poses a complex challenge to secure, monitor and track that the goods reach […]

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Protection You Can Count On

There’s nothing more precious than protecting those you love.  Sometimes that means locking up the liquor cabinet or securing prescription medication to keep others safe from harm.  Even if you have a gun cabinet locked, you should seriously consider adding additional layers of security because keys can be lost (and found by someone who shouldn’t […]

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Stay Ahead of Boat Break-Ins and Theft

The boating industry provides a plethora of activities from relaxation to sporting, fishing, sailing and live-a-boards. Whether you live on your boat or have it docked in a marina, it is a valuable and precious possession which houses expensive equipment, marine accessories, scuba gear, sport fishing equipment or other collectibles.  When you hear about theft in […]

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Theft During COVID-19

Theft is a troubling and costly thing to happen to consumers and businesses.  During the world’s current pandemic when safety and health products are literally in dire need, theft of the very products we require to stay alive is a tragedy.  In this article, one man’s desire to make a quick dollar put those in […]

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