Geofencing Software in Freight Cargo Security

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Geofencing Software in Freight Cargo Security

Security is a very hot topic which is pervasive throughout our personal and business lives. At times, it seems that the situation is getting worse all the time. The bad guys seem to get more technically sophisticated at a faster rate than businesses can react. This makes it all the more important to adopt and deploy modern tools to combat fraud and theft. Today we’ll be examining the role of  geofencing software in supply chain security.

Let’s first provide a definition. According to

Geo-fencing (geofencing) is a feature in a software program that uses the global positioning system (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) to define geographical boundaries. A geofence is a virtual barrier.

Geofencing Software: A Powerful Tool in Cargo Transportation Security

GeoFencing Software is a Powerful Cargo Transportation Security Tool

This images shows how Geofencing is a power cargo security featureGeofencing software can add an important additional security layer in protecting important company assets such as inventory being transported as freight cargo. With respect to adding security to high value goods cargo as it is being transported between locations, geofencing can play a role in a couple of different ways:

  • A geofence can be placed around the route on a map that the truck, ship, plane or railcar is intended to follow in the course of delivering the high value goods shipment from point A to point B. If at anytime during the journey the vehicle containing the cargo strays from the designated route, a wireless alert is generated by the mobile device and an alarm is triggered in the software application which contains the geofencing feature.
  • Geofencing is also very useful as a security feature which sets off alerts once a vehicle with designated high value cargo leaves a geofenced starting location or enters the geofence of its targeted destination.

OpticalLock considers Geofencing to be a key feature in Supply Chain Management and Transportation Cargo Security. For this reason it’s a standard feature of the OpticalLock system. The OpticalLock system features a hardware device which provides all the benefits of a physical lock, security seal and GPS tracking device all in one versatile padlock form factor. The OpticalLock system includes a highly secure, cloud-based management database console which stores all of your lock’s historical data with extraordinary encryption, as well as real-time features such as fiber-optic tamper-evidence technology, wireless alerts and alarms for tampering incidents and the a fore-mentioned geofencing. The complete system also includes an Android mobile App which provides local secure locking & unlocking of the hardware device as well as mobile alerting of tampering and other abnormal events anywhere in the world.

Please Contact us to to explore how OpticalLock products including Geofencing Software features can increase your cargo security today!

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