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Review of Article on Supply Chain Security Issues

We continue our series of reviews on articles relevant to key OpticalLock markets, where supply chain security issues play a prominent role. This particular review post takes us to an extensive piece which appeared in Inbound Logistics titled: Locking Down Supply Chain Security. This is a wide-ranging article which covers quite of bit of ground [...]

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Article on Importance of a Supply Chain Security Program

I recently read another very relevant article on the importance of a supply chain security program that appeared in Supply Chain Digest. The author was Cliff Holste, the publication's material handling editor. The article is titled "The New Age of Supply Chain Awareness". Awareness Training is Important to a Complete Supply Chain Security Program [...]

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Review of Article on In-Transit Cargo Security

We recently reviewed an article by John Tabor on  Supply Chain Critical Components that was published in LPMinsider. It was an excellent article and in this review we'll take a look at another article by Mr. Tabor that appeared in the same publication entitled "In-Transit Cargo Theft: Impacting the Retail Supply Chain." This article takes [...]

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Meeting Defense Transportation Cargo Tracking Regulations-Part II

In Part I of this series we discussed the regulations contained in the “Joint Publication 4-01 The Defense Transportation System. In this post we'll be reviewing another enormous document, the US Defense Transportation Regulation.   DOD Cargo Tracking Regulations can be Distilled into a Few Key Points The focus of this discussion will [...]

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Article on Supply Chain Security Critical Components

I ran across an excellent article yesterday on retail supply chain security in LPMInsider, whose tagline is "The Authority on All Things Loss Prevention and Asset Protection". The article is quite extensive and comprehensive on the topic of retail supply chain security and specifically loss prevention. It was written by JOHN TABOR, who is the [...]