Cannabis Security Procedures & Devices

The "Legal" Cannabis (or Marijuana) industry is expanding rapidly in the United States. I'm including both the many states which have legalized "Medical Marijuana" as well as the few states that have now fully legalized Cannabis for recreational use. Whether you agree with this trend or not, polls indicate that the majority of US [...]

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Using Cargo Monitoring Security Technology

There are many important aspects to ensuring the security of your high value cargo. These include securing the perimeter of both your shipping and receiving warehouses, background checks of all employees and contractors with access to the goods (including drivers), access control systems to ensure that only those who should have access do and also [...]

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Warehouse Security Measures

We recently ran across an e-book published by RSI Insurance Brokers that is very relevant to our audience. It's entitled "Warehouse Security Tips" and is kind of lengthy at 20 pages, so I thought I would summarize the highlights here. This article details quite a long, broad list of warehouse security measures that can go [...]

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Cargo Theft Prevention Article Review

This post will discuss the topic of cargo theft prevention, including a review of a very well written article in Pacific Standard Magazine. The article is entitled "Long-Haul Trucking's Billion-Dollar Cargo Theft Problem" and was written by Robin Washington. The article's title is pretty explanatory with respect to its content. Below are some of the [...]

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