Meeting Defense Transportation Cargo Tracking Regulations-Part II

In Part I of this series we discussed the regulations contained in the “Joint Publication 4-01 The Defense Transportation System. In this post we'll be reviewing another enormous document, the US Defense Transportation Regulation.   DOD Cargo Tracking Regulations can be Distilled into a Few Key Points The focus of this discussion will [...]

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Article on Supply Chain Security Critical Components

I ran across an excellent article yesterday on retail supply chain security in LPMInsider, whose tagline is "The Authority on All Things Loss Prevention and Asset Protection". The article is quite extensive and comprehensive on the topic of retail supply chain security and specifically loss prevention. It was written by JOHN TABOR, who is the [...]

Meeting Defense Transportation Cargo Movement Regulations – Part I

In this Blog we'll be taking a look from time to time at regulations which affect the markets that OpticalLock participates in. In this post we'll be reviewing a specific area of the Document "Joint Publication 4-01 The Defense Department Transportation System". This is a massive, daunting document on defense transportation and there are [...]

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Welcome to the OpticalLock Blog!

I want to welcome you to the OpticalLock Blog. We are a new company manufacturing and marketing patented, technology-based systems for securing high value goods in the supply chain. This includes shipments of such high value goods in transit in shipping containers, in supply closets, ballot boxes and more. Traditional padlock aimed at high value [...]

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