Cargo Security Still an Issue Despite 6% Theft Drop

One of the major items we focus on at OpticalLock is Cargo Security, whether in-transit or stored at a warehouse. We recently came across a couple of reports detailing the current state of cargo security in 2016. Cargo Security is a Major Supply Chain Issue The first recent report by logistics security provider [...]

Warehouse Security Measures

We recently ran across an e-book published by RSI Insurance Brokers that is very relevant to our audience. It's entitled "Warehouse Security Tips" and is kind of lengthy at 20 pages, so I thought I would summarize the highlights here. This article details quite a long, broad list of warehouse security measures that can go [...]

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Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Security White Paper

I recently reviewed a white paper written by several authors from RX-360, an international pharmaceutical supply chain consortium. The paper is entitled "Cargo Theft in the Pharmaceutical Industry: What Does it Really Cost? The basic thesis of the paper is that supply chains in the drug industry are very global, complex, outsourced and decentralized. Because [...]

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