The OpticalLock® system is a versatile hardware/software combination that ensures the important contents of a container or room have not been tampered with. All that is required to use an OpticalLock is a container or door to which a traditional padlock can be attached.

The OpticalLock system assures manufacturers, shippers and customers that high-value goods being shipped or stored have not been tampered with. The OpticalLock provides added assurance that the contents of a container, storage room or remote facility have not been stolen, modified or replaced with counterfeit parts while unattended and in transit. No traditional container lock can provide this added assurance.

While an OpticalLock can replace a traditional padlock in almost any application, it is particularly beneficial to vertical industries that need the added benefits this technology provides.

Counterfeit Goods Prevention

Recent studies indicate that global annual sales of counterfeit goods now amount to more than $600 billion, or 5-7% of world trade. OpticalLock enables manufacturers and their customers to ensure the products received are the same products that were shipped.

Counterfeiting is a critical issue when it involves electronic components in an aircraft system, cancer drugs or parts on a civilian or military vehicle. When any of these, or myriad other products, are replaced in-transit by counterfeit goods, the results can be devastating. By employing the OpticalLock, these counterfeit goods will not make it into the supply chain, thereby heading off a potential disaster.

The Role of OpticalLock in Mitigating Counterfeit Goods

Counterfeit goods can enter the supply chain at a variety of points between the originating manufacturing facility and the unloading dock at the container’s destination. OpticalLock provides a high-technology approach that enhances container security by providing verification that the lock has not been tampered with in any way. Patented fiber optic technology ensures that the lock itself cannot be faked, duplicated or counterfeited and real-time alarms provide secure wireless alerting if any tampering of the padlock is attempted. In combination with an inspection to ascertain that the container itself has not been punctured, the OpticalLock provides a high level of assurance that the stored or container goods are in the same quantity and condition that they were at loading and that no counterfeits have entered the supply chain in transit.

Key Categories

  • Electronic Components
  • Defense and Aerospace Industry Replacement Parts
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Artwork/Jewelry
  • Vehicle Parts
  • Wireless Cell Tower Base Stations

Other Applications

OpticalLock can protect more than just goods-in-transit. Any situation where a traditional padlock could be used and where the contents of a container, room or facility are of high value will benefit from the use of OpticalLock. These are just a few applications:

Ballot Box Security

The OpticalLock adds an additional level of physical security to prevent vote rigging and electoral fraud to ensure elections are conducted fairly. OpticalLock secures the ballot box containers while they are unattended or in transit from remote voting stations to the counting locations. Unlike a traditional padlock or ballot box seal, an OpticalLock provides a high level of assurance that the lock has not been tampered with, as well as anti-tampering features such and real-time wireless alerts and electronic verification of no tampering conducted through our secure remote server.

Classified and Sensitive Documents

Much like election ballots, classified and other sensitive government and corporate documents demand extra security and tamper-proof security to assure authenticity.

Remote Facilities

A variety of remote facilities can be protected by OpticalLock technology.

Ammunition depots

Telecom tower enclosures

Remote water treatment facilities

Unattended Railroad switching stations

Air cargo containers

Vacation homes

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