About Us

OpticalLock, Inc. is a Global Information Company that provides owners of high value goods the peace of mind of knowing the location and security status of their assets. Headquartered in the Greater San Diego, California area.

OpticalLock has developed a patented, cloud-based monitoring system that supports a wide array of data collecting sensors to prevent counterfeiting, theft and tampering of high value assets while being shipped or stored.

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Our Mission

To be the best set of security solutions for diverse business and personal needs, ensuring the security and authenticity of high-value goods for commercial, government and consumers.

Our Vision

We believe that technology empowers us to help make life and business better for our clients: safety, security, monitoring, tracking, storing, assuring authentic goods are handled appropriately.

Our Leadership

Samuel Flores, Jr., CEO
Carol Fuller, COO, Co-Founder
Jorge Sanchez, CTO, Chairman & Co-Founder