Remote Security Management for Unmanned Facilities

One of the most challenging scenarios for physical security professionals is unmanned facilities which require completely remote facilities management - and therefore remote security management. There are myriad facilities of this nature throughout the utility and industrial world including by not limited to: Remote Security Management Typical Applications Power Substations (Electricity, Oil, Gas and Nuclear) [...]

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How Better Lock Management Decreases The Risk Of Employee Theft

This week we have a special treat; a guest post from Ralph Goodman, the lead writer over at United Locksmith's Lock Blog. Ralph was kind enough to contribute this article on lock management to the OpticalLock Blog's growing collection of articles on locks, physical security, cargo, warehouse security and supply chain management. Please enjoy [...]

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The Role and Importance of Ballot Box Seals & Locks

Election and ballot box security has become a high profile topic recently in the United States. The main reason is that one of the candidates in the US presidential election was constantly warning of fraud months BEFORE the election even took place! Ironically, that candidate won a very close election and there was very [...]

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