Cargo Security Still an Issue Despite 6% Theft Drop

One of the major items we focus on at OpticalLock is Cargo Security, whether in-transit or stored at a warehouse. We recently came across a couple of reports detailing the current state of cargo security in 2016. Cargo Security is a Major Supply Chain Issue The first recent report by logistics security provider [...]

Warehouse Security Measures

We recently ran across an e-book published by RSI Insurance Brokers that is very relevant to our audience. It's entitled "Warehouse Security Tips" and is kind of lengthy at 20 pages, so I thought I would summarize the highlights here. This article details quite a long, broad list of warehouse security measures that can go [...]

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Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Security White Paper

I recently reviewed a white paper written by several authors from RX-360, an international pharmaceutical supply chain consortium. The paper is entitled "Cargo Theft in the Pharmaceutical Industry: What Does it Really Cost? The basic thesis of the paper is that supply chains in the drug industry are very global, complex, outsourced and decentralized. Because [...]

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Review of Takeaways from GPS Cargo Tracking Forum

I recently read the notes of Walt Beadling of Macungie, PA from his attendance at a forum sponsored by the Rx-360 Cargo Theft/High Risk Areas Workgroup as well as the Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition. The forum focused on GPS Cargo Tracking technologies and their specific usage in pharmaceutical industry supply chains. These notes appear on [...]